Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tragedi tangisan~~

who thought that the sweet moments in life can gone like hurricane! i do, i feel like stupid+idiot and so on :(
its unfair! HAHA
a hand full of moment, i wish i could change but i was carried away :(
yesterday, i cried like a baby! just because something that i hope to be mine but, it just in a dream, not reality. so, what should i do now??
can i suicide?? ohmaigodd! thats not found in the teachings of my religion.. *wake up efa!!
i'm down! too down! i dont have any spirit again.. and now, i just think about negative thing :(
i still think about mak, ayah, Allah but, why i feel alone!!
i'm not strong anymore!!!
i just hope, tomorrow is my best day! i want my smile againnnn. not my tear. its so hurt me seriously!
assalamualaikummmm :)

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